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Are you searching for the finest pair of eyelash extensions? – Ultimate guide to everything you need to know

It’s a well-known fact that the ultimate way to achieve stunning and alluring looking lashes is only possible with stylized eyelash extensions. And undoubtedly, perfect size is a struggle for many who opt for eyelash extensions. The size is an important factor which is taken into consideration as one single size cannot be a fit …


Fast-Fanning Lashes FAQs

We’re so excited to be launching self fanning volume lashes here at The Eyelash emporium HQ. But you might have some questions about how these easy fan lashes work or why you should be using them. If you’re unsure, read on and we’re tell you more… Why choose these easy fan lashes over making my …


Lash Festival 2019 – Entries Closing Soon

Established in 2012 and hosted by The Eyelash Emporium, Lash Festival is a prestigious online lash competition that celebrates the world’s best lash artists. This year, entries are open 16th September – 25th November, with the finalists due to be announced 18th December 2019! Lash Festival 2019 encompasses an array of categories, including; Lash Lift, Express, Individual, …


Lash Accelerator Vs Primer

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions training courses vary, meaning techs can be trained using either both lash accelerator and primer, just one, or none at all! From this, many lash artists form different opinions on whether they like to use them or not. Both primers and lash accelerators can noticeably improve treatments, so it’s worth understanding how …



    In this new decade I am recommending you do the unthinkable. Deep clean your face and then stand in front of a mirror with bright sunlight. Take a good long look at all of your facial features. Since we tend to get stuck in patterns relative to skin care and makeup this exercise …