Can I Keep Eyelash Extension Glue in Fridge?

Some are scientifically backwards and other folks seem to be fine, but probably do not lengthen the existence on the glue so, I’ve produced a list of things you should know to assist you decide about the best storage and servicing for the eyelash extension glue!

Pay attention in this 3 things right here is what we KNOW can make a difference in shelf life of any Eyelash Extensions Glue:

1) Frequent temperature fluctuations (the greater the worse) will diminish the existence of the Glue.

2) Exposing glue to oxygen will break it down more rapidly, and therefore diminish the life of the Glue also.

3) Most Eyelash Extension Glues can keep “fresh” for up to 4 months Just before they may be opened In the TIME it’s BOTTLED!

So, let us speak about what this all indicates and the way you can handle your glue far better to lengthen the existence a bit more.

Being aware of how prolonged you can preserve eyelash glue is dependent upon these items. (this things isn’t cheap- and following these scientific details can save you a great deal of income above a year!)

1st, I’ll tackle the “Frequent Temperature Fluctuations.” One of the most widespread query we get is: “Should I maintain my glue inside the fridge?”

Now that you understand the reason people ask that, you might probably response that question yourself now… (never say I didn’t educate you anything!)

It depends upon your climate, along with the potential you will need to sustain your glue in the relatively stable environment- temperature wise needless to say. I want to keep my glues at room temperature.

Keeping the Eyelash Extension Glue in Fridge Will Last Longer?
The temperature in United kingdom, in which we reside, is comparatively steady, and slow temperature modifications which can be not sporadic shouldn’t result your glue significantly in any respect. (September to May possibly as an example).

So, in brief, NO! You do not have to keep your eyelash extensions glue inside a fridge!

But, in case the climate in which you live can make that better- then be my guest. You will probably squeeze a bit more lifestyle out of your glue provided that you happen to be pouring what you need, then placing it back.

2nd, let us talk about oxidization. Should you consider a bite of an apple, then walk away for an hour or two- you are going to come back to a brown gross seeking apple, proper?

Well, Eyelash Extension Glues are comparable.

Although they do not turn brown like an apple, they are going to break down gradually but surely and depart you with thick, clumpy glue or glue that loses it is bonding capability.

So, our recommendation would be to unscrew cap, drop the glue you may need for application right into a glue ring, or on the glue stone, then instantly screw cap back on tightly.

Make certain it really is not so tight that you just can not open it… the thought is just to not let oxygen interact using the glue in the bottle. Acquired it? Excellent.

How Long Eyelash Extension Glue Last Once Opened?
So, this is a Huge thing!

You really cannot ever know when a glue was produced by the manufacture.

The largest method to handle the one spot you can not handle is WHO you purchase your eyelash extension adhesives from. Like any item, if an organisation buys in bulk- they obtain a far better price.

If you buy your glue from Perfect Eyelashes Products their products are always fresh and new for you to use

What is not the case if you deal with cheap glue on Ebay or Amazon (glue with so low-cost, it is possible to nevertheless fill a tank of gas with your auto and save money) could very easily happen to be manufactures for more 12 months!

That means as soon as you open that bottle, the damage is imminent! And wont last for more than 1 to 2 months, You may be ordering far more glue to re-apply lashes on your customers. Check this video review for our Extreme Bond Eyelash Glue

P.S. Our recommendation is that you invest in great glues and lashes. It’s going to actually make you far more income, and conserve you time and content customers also refer new ones!