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Clean lashes are happy lashes

leaving them conditioned and squeaky-clean. By regularly cleansing their lash extensions with a specially formulated eyelash cleanser, your clients will extend their lash wear and improve the health of their natural lashes. This means you’ll get more time to actually lash during an appointment, rather than spending ten to fifteen minutes cleaning dirty extensions. Talk …


The Secret to Mj Rodriguez’s Full, Feathery Lashes at the 2019 Emmy Awards

know that Instagram filter that gives you full, feathery lashes with the press of a button? When we spotted Mj Rodriguez on the 2019 Emmys purple carpet, we were pretty sure someone had figured out how to use one of them in real life. The Pose star’s frill of lush, thick fringe was that convincing. But then we heard …


I Tried ‘Lash Shampoo’ and It’s Like Eye Makeup Remover on Steroids

    I’ve always found eye-makeup remover redundant. Unless I’m wearing waterproof mascara and eyeliner, I never feel the need to use a cleansing product geared expressly for my eyes. Whatever face wash I’ve used has always done the trick, though admittedly with extra elbow grease and micellar water to get the remaining mascara smears …