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Myth Busters: Misconceptions about Eyelash Logic

Eyelash Logic is an FDA-approved treatment that affects the growth phase cycle of eyelash hair. There are few women out there who don’t wish for naturally longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes – the enormous false eyelash market is proof of that. Despite its proven safety through stringent worldwide clinical trials, a few myths and misconceptions surrounding Eyelash …


Classic Eyelash Extension

The most natural-looking extensions are called classic, and they are probably the most popular that women of all types opt for when they first go to the eyelash technician for help. They are suitable for both daytime and nighttime styles and work well with any type of makeup application. They are lightweight, unnoticeable, and simply …


Volume Eyelash Extension

These types of dramatic beauty products are sometimes called Russian Volume because the particular style was developed in that country. Since those early days, they have become quite popular all over the globe as women from all walks of life adopt their use. Volume eyelash extension products are created prior to application for each woman …