Why you should invite GC Lashes to your wedding (preparations!)

Wedding beauty prep is a different kind of beauty prep altogether. It’s the kind of thing that most people tend to plan in advance and test out/trial to ensure that they’ve got the perfect look for their big day – particularly in regards to bridal eyelash extensions. Every year at GC Lashes we help hundreds of brides, bridesmaids (and sometimes grooms too!) across Sydney and the central coast achieve their dream wedding look with lash extensions. We are super experienced with brides and all that goes into creating the perfect wedding lashes.
This is why you should invite us to your wedding (preparations!)
We completely customise your lashes and we are able to do this because we are specialists in our services. Literally ALL we do is lashes and brows. As a result, we have several hundred different types of lashes in stock (different curls, thicknesses/weights, materials, lengths – even colours), our stylists are trained in many different techniques and how to create certain stylings to ensure you get a look that’s just right for you and your big day. Our approach is artistic and customised, not cut-copy lashes where everyone comes out looking like a surprised doll!
The second reason is reliability – if the unforeseen happens, and for some reason your lash stylist is unavailable or becomes unwell, we will absolutely have an alternative (and highly skilled!) stylist available to do your appointment for you regardless of what happens. If we know this is your wedding lash booking, there is nothing on hell or earth that will make us cancel the appointment – as we know that weddings and their lead up are a stressful enough time as it is. You just need to say the magic W word and we will make it our number 1 priority. All of our stylists are super experienced, we keep accurate styling notes from prior appointments, so you can rest assured that you’ll have fabulous lashes for your wedding day. Solo artists cannot often offer this kind of guarantee, but as we have a solid team of many experienced artists, we can.
We don’t have beginner or emerging lash stylists here, and if we ever did, we absolutely would not allocate bridal appointments to them –  this is somewhat unavoidable, due to the customisation of particular services and need for additional staff. However with us, if you are an upcoming bride here, you can be assured this absolutely won’t happen – you’ll receive fantastic value, even with a little extra time added to your appointment if we’re able to, to ensure that we achieve the perfect look and changes can be made if needed.
We offer free consultations – unsure about what set to get, whether or not lashes will suit you, and just want to come in and have a chat about wedding lashes? We’d love to – just get in touch via the email below, and we’ll organise that for you.
If you’re getting married this year and considering lashes, we recommend having a trial set done and then infilling them prior, rather than starting from scratch a few days ahead. There are many reasons for this, but one main one being that it allows you to get used to the look, and then make adjustments if you want something slightly different for the big day. (In the same way that you probably wouldn’t get a new haircut the day before your wedding – planning is key!).

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