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Why aren’t my lashes lasting? Strange reasons that can affect eyelash extension retention

If you are a regular eyelash extension wearer, then you will know that retention or how long your lashes last is a very important factor. Ideally, we want to be getting a few weeks between infills – we want the lashes to gradually and evenly fall out over a few weeks, and then have them […]

Best Eyelash Extension Kits for Practice

Yegi Beauty Kit Version 1 This kit from Yegi Beauty goes above and beyond, with everything a beginning lash stylist needs. It includes a very realistic mannequin, multiple trays of classic and volume lashes of varying lengths and curls, tweezers, accessories, and everything else a stylist requires to offer lash extensions professionally. Classic Lash Kit […]

Benefits of using an Eyelash Extension Primer

Benefits of using an Eyelash Extension Primer     Not to prime is a crime… but there are exceptions! Think of it like this: Priming is a preparatory step that’s applied best on a clean canvas to hold onto whatever eyelash extension product is applied afterward- this can be painting a wall or makeup application! […]